mold exposure symptoms

Mold Exposure Symptoms & How to Stay Safe

Have you recently been feeling a bit sick and can’t pinpoint the reason? While it can be easy to assume that general malaise is a cold, there are other causes for concern. Mold exposure often presents symptoms that are similar to a cold, but that last for much longer. Let’s discuss the symptoms of mold exposure and how you can protect yourself. The Symptoms of Mold Exposure Just because you can’t see the spores doesn’t mean they aren’t there. One of the key ways to identify whether you have a mold infestation is to look at your health. Have you

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DIY fire cleanup, DIY fire damage cleanup

Fire Cleanup: A Job Best Left to the Professionals

Experiencing a fire is a stressful and painful experience. From the emotional toll to the destroyed belongings and the strain on your wallet, there are more ways than one that are challenging. As such, you might be considering DIY fire damage cleanup to spare your finances. However, ServiceMaster Restore advises against performing your own fire cleanup and repairs unless you are a certified professional. Read on to find out about the hazards of the job that can easily overwhelm homeowners. The Many Hazards of Fire Damage Cleanup A fire is the result of a complex reaction that generates toxins and

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landscaping to prevent water damage

Using Landscaping to Prevent Water Damage

The truth is — water damage is likely going to effect every homeowner at some point. Although many property owners do their due diligence by waterproofing certain spots, landscaping is an often overlooked aspect of preventing water damage.  ServiceMaster Restore is exploring a few tips that could save you big bucks in the long run. How Landscaping Prevents Water Damage When a major storm rolls through, the ground becomes saturated with moisture. Because it can only absorb so much water, the excess collects and runs off. Water follows a downhill trajectory, which means that any run off will ultimately soak

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water damage drying tips, how to dry water damage

6 Tips From the Pros to Dry Out Water in Your Property

Water damage presents itself in a variety of forms and is the result an any vast number of causes. When your property is suffering from a water loss, we recommend calling a professional water removal and water restoration company. Until help arrives, it pays to know how to mitigate the circumstances to salvage your property. Use these tips to dry out water in your property. The Most Common Causes of Water Damage Heavy rains and storms Broken and burst pipes Appliance malfunctions Sewage backups and overflows Flood damage Faulty roofing And more! How to Handle Water Damage Drying When your

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frozen pipe water damage, preventing frozen pipes, frozen pipe water damage

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter Winter ushers in chilly temperatures that can wreak havoc on your pipes. When water expands as it freezes, stress is placed on your pipes. This pressure can cause the pipes to burst, leading to a major water loss in your home. ServiceMaster Restore wants to share some helpful tips on how to prevent frozen pipes this winter season. The Truth About Frozen Pipes Water exerts up to 40lbs of pressure on your pipes as it expands by 10% when frozen. Homes built in 1960 or before are especially susceptible to frozen pipes. 37%

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fire prevention tips, fire damage prevention tips, fire safety tips, cooking fire prevention tips, candle fire prevention tips, electrical fire prevention tips

Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

Important Fire Prevention & Safety Tips Fire safety requires true effort in order to be effective. For that reason, you shouldn’t take any chances. There are several types of fires, each of which has its own unique set of preventative tips. These fire prevention tips will go a long way in keeping you, your home, and your family safe. Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips Install smoke alarms on each level of the home, outside every bedroom. Test smoke alarms once a month. Change the batteries when needed. Develop a fire escape plan and practice it twice a year with

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mold removal remediation

Is Mold Dangerous In Your House?

Is Mold Dangerous in Your Home? What You Need to Know You love your family and the home that houses it. As such, maintaining a clean, healthy environment is of utmost importance. Contamination from any source is something you aim to avoid at all costs. As such, you’ve probably wondered a time or two is mold dangerous in your house? Because mold is a widely feared contaminant, we figured that this would be the perfect time to separate fact from fiction. So — just how dangerous is mold in homes? The answer may not be as clear cut as you

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choosing a restoration company, how to choose a restoration company

Choosing a Restoration Company: What You Need to Know

Choosing a Restoration Company: What You Need to Know While some seasons are more prone to certain property damage disasters, emergencies can happen year-round. When a loss does occur, your first thoughts are likely to be about how you’re going to pay for the cleanup and repairs. This is a where your insurance company comes in. After all, this is what you pay for under your homeowners insurance policy. However, you’ll also need the help of a trusted restoration company in the process. Knowing how to choose a restoration company you can trust only benefits your odds of having the

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ceiling water damage

Grab a Bucket! The Facts on Ceiling Water Damage

Grab a Bucket! The Facts About Ceiling Water Damage You may be under the impression that ceiling water damage is immediately detectable. However, the signs are often very subtle and detecting water damage can be tricky, especially if leaks remain hidden for some time. In order to discover the problem, you must pay attention to all the warning signs. Water damage and ceiling water damage can generate costly repairs, and dependent upon your homeowner’s insurance, you might be fortunate to have it covered. We’re discussing everything you need to know to recover from ceiling water damage.  Early Signs of Ceiling

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bootleg wildfire

Returning to Your Klamath County Home After the Bootleg Wildfire

Returning to Your Klamath County OR Home After the Bootleg Wildfire It is no secret that summer 2021 has been a challenging time for the Klamath County, Oregon community. More than 413,717 acres were affected in the Bootleg wildfire, scarring the beautiful landscape and taking many homes and businesses with it. While the situation seemed hopeless, the government’s Incident Information System reports that the fire is 100% contained as of August 19th. With many property owners having evacuated, this means that many people are now returning to the area to take stock of the damages and begin to rebuild. ServiceMaster Restore

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