Local Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Specialists

There are a handful of different causes of water damage, from leaking pipes to sewage backups. Regardless of the cause, home and business owners in Phoenix, Oregon will be frantic and stressed during a water emergency. ServiceMaster of Medford understands the stressful toll of water damage, so we strive to remediate the damages as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team of water damage professionals are IICRC certified and have remediated some of the toughest water damage cases.

Causes Of Water Damage In Phoenix

Leaking Pipes
Water Heater Leaks
Sewage Backup
Overflowing Sink
Dishwasher Leaks
Overflowing Toilet
Heavy Rains
Washing Machine Leaks

Our Water Damage Phoenix Restoration Process

When dealing with a water damage case, we will first conduct an initial assessment of the damages. This assessment will allow our team of water damage technicians to create an in-depth plan of action, specific to the case at hand. 

Next, the team will quickly begin to extract all standing or excess water in the affected area. To remove the water, our team will use specialized pumps and water-extracting vacuums. If the water is beneath hardwood flooring, we will use water extraction mats to remove the underlying water.

Once all of the excess water has been removed, we will begin the drying process. This step may take days to weeks, depending on the severity of the water loss. To dry the affected area, we will use industrial fans to circulate warm, dry air onto the water damaged areas. During this time, we will also regulate humidity levels with dehumidifiers. Drying is the most important step in preventing mold growth. If the area is not properly dried mold can infest the entire area. 

After the structure has fully dried, our team will clean your Phoenix, Oregon property. The solutions and cleaning agents used will vary based on the type of water that previously entered the home. For example, cleaning a sewage backup will involve more sanitation and percautions than cleaning up a clean water loss. 

After we have properly cleaned the affected areas, our team will restore any areas that were damaged by the water. This may include, but is not limited to, replacing the carpet, or other flooring, drywall, insulation, baseboards, etc.

How To Prevent Water Damage

Clean Your Gutters + Downspouts

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent buildup and blockages. In the winter months, ice can build up in the gutters and create ice dams. These blockages cause excess water to buildup and puddle on your roof and at the foundation of the property. You should also clean your downspouts to ensure the water can properly flow away from the property. 

Check Your Appliances

Check the connection hoses to all appliances that use water – washing machines, dishwashers, hot water tanks. Replace the hoses is they are aging or deteriorating. 

Check Your Water Pressure

If the water pressure is too high, the pipes may fail because of the high stress and pressure. To check the pressure, purchase a gauge and attach it to the outside faucet. To activate the gauge, turn the faucet on at full power and read the results. The desired pressure is between 40-70 psi. If the pressure is over 100 psi, install a water pressure regulator. 

Phoenix, Oregon

Water Damage Restoration

Phoenix is located in Jackson, just outside of Medford, Oregon. The town was founded in 1850 by the Colver brothers. In the early years, the town was known for the sawmill that provided lumber for the surrounding areas. Today, the area is the perfect place for young families who love city life but want a small-town feeling.