Contents Restoration

contents cleaning

A fire can be devastating to your home, but the damage does not end there. Personal property, which takes years to acquire and can hold extreme sentimental value, can be damaged by fire.

servicemaster contents restoration team

The ServiceMaster content restoration team is trained in the industry-leading IICRC Standards for Odor Control and Fire & Smoke Restoration. We utilize this knowledge to ensure a quality restoration process for our customers.

Our restoration facility is specifically designed for content restoration. We utilize the use of an Ultrasonic Cleaning system which restores a variety of personal items such as jewelry, fine china, porcelain dolls, small appliances, soft goods, and much more. ServiceMaster's team can save many items that seem damaged beyond repair. We take great pride and care in every restoration job to ensure your most prized possessions come back home to you in pristine condition.

servicemaster contents truck

We pack the customer's content in a manner that protects fragile items through every phase of the restoration cycle. Our team also employs a system called ContentsTrack. This software allows us to track each box, item, and piece of furniture through the entire restoration process. This inventory process enables us to provide transparent documentation for insurance purposes.

restoration contents storage

All customer content is stored in our climate controlled facility inside 5x7x7 storage vaults. ServiceMaster's inventory process tracks content within each vault. This process ensures content is never lost or broken.

Before and After Ultrasonic Cleaning Restoration

Ultrasonic cleaning is a sophisticated technology that uses high frequencies to agitate water and cleaning solutions. This technique is often used with jewelry, electronic parts, and surgical instruments. It is the most effective way to clean most metals, glass objects, and plastics. In our facility, we use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove tough grime, smoke damage, and charring.

contents cleaning before after
contents cleaning before after
contents cleaning before after
contents cleaning before after