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A flood or a water pipe burst can result in a significant basement water damage. Even a small leak or a minor drainage issue can have devastating consequences. If you need basement water damage cleanup services, call ServiceMaster Restore – a trusted local restoration company. We have the equipment, experience, and expertise to clean up water in your basement. Call 541-204-0533 to remove water from your basement as soon as possible.

Basement Water Damage Signs

Often, homeowners seek water damage restoration after area-wide flooding, or when they have standing water in their basement, which requires immediate response. Still, it is recommended to inspect the basement at least once a month to detect any signs of water and moisture. The sooner you reveal basement water damage, the easier it will be to repair it. Here are the signs to look for. 

Water is a key ingredient that mold needs to grow. Having mold in your basement clearly shows that there is a water problem. Sometimes, the cause of mold growth is rather obvious. For example, mold starts growing if water is standing for more than 48 hours before flood damage restoration begins. Sometimes, a consultation from a professional mold remediation expert is needed to understand the cause. 

Cracks are both the cause of water damage in your basement and a proven sign of it. Cracks appear in the floor, foundation, or walls of your basement because of the pressure of water, lack of proper drainage, and excessive moisture. If not addressed, cracks lead to further basement water damage.   

Odors in the basement are different from those we can smell in our rooms. Still, you might be able to recognize the odor specific to your basement and a new persistent odor interfering with it. An unusual persistent odor is a common sign of water damage. This calls for a careful inspection of your basement. 

Another sign that should make you suspect water damage in your basement are yellow and brown stains or discoloration on panelling, walls, or the ceiling. Repainting your basement will only mask the cause of the problem.

Changing structure of building materials is another reason to suspect excess moisture and water damage. In particular, water may cause deterioration of drywall, plaster, and wood, as well as peeling and flaking of paint and wallpaper. Water damage may also result in swollen flooring and separation of flooring from the subfloor. Persistent saturation may lead to efflorescence – a white, powdery, sparkly substance covering the surfaces, which is sometimes confused with mold.

Water Removal

Basement Flood Damage

Standing water quickly becomes contaminated and damages materials beyond repair. What’s more, mold needs just two days to start growing. Thus, it is important to remove water in your basement in less than 48 hours to prevent further losses.

For fast water removal, contact a local restoration company providing emergency services 24/7. Restoration technicians will use submersible and gas-powered pumps to extract high-level water from a flooded basement. Lower levels of water can be removed using pumps and professional extraction units.

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