Dangers Of Flooding

Emergency Water Damage

Flooding can be caused by a wide range of causes and is generally considered a lot more dangerous than regular water damage. This is because, besides the usual consequences of water damage, you can also face many pathogens, bacteria, higher risks of electrical shock, and more. We will go through the possible causes of flooding as well as the consequences and how to deal with flooding. 

How Does Flooding Occur

Some of the most common causes of flooding are not even outside causes. Residents are shocked when they find out that their flooding was caused by clogged drains, broken pipes, or faulty appliances. When water cannot flow out as fast as it flows in, it quickly builds up.
Another frequent cause is damaged or badly constructed foundations that let groundwater rise up into the household and quickly start building up during heavier rains. Besides the interior reasons, there are also uncontrollable outside ones like massive rain downpours, and the spilling of local rivers, streams, and lakes. 

Harmful Contaminants In Flood Water

Once a significant amount of water has built up it is officially called flooding. At this point, your health and safety are at high risk. And it isn’t just because the water might reach the electrical outlets, but because of various pathogens and chemicals that the flood water might bring with it. In cases where the flooding is caused by clean water like pipe water if it is left standing for an extended period of time it will quickly develop life-endangering bacteria. In worse cases, flood water is mixed with the pesticide from the soil, sewage that rose along with it, and other dangerous bacteria. This means that flood water is significantly more dangerous to your health and home than a regular case of water damage. That means that is essential to hire the help of a professional restoration company like Service Master of Medford. Our flood clean-up services will protect you from various pathogens and restore your home to its previous state quickly and safely. 

Flood Prevention Tips

Flooding is caused by water that could not flow away. To ensure you are safe from floods it is essential that all your water drains, eavestroughs, downspouts, catch basins and gutters are clean and clear of any debris that might slow the outflow of water. 
Check all of them regularly and consistently. 

Another important step in order to prevent floods is to make sure that outside water cannot infiltrate your home. That means sealing all of the wall cracks, checking your roof for damage, and closing off any possible entryways for water. You should also have professionals check the state of your pipes and foundations if you have frequent water build-ups.