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Medford, OR

Medford, Oregon is one of the most desirable cities to visit and live in the Pacific Northwest. The southern Oregon city is the fourth-largest city in the state, with a population of 79,590 (Medford Oregon). Medford is surrounded by the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains, creating beautiful 365-degree scenery. The city is also the midway point between San Francisco and Seattle, which brings in visitors from all over. 


The Beautiful City Of Medford 

The city of Medford was incorporated in 1885 and since then, the city has adopted a Mayor and Council method for the local government. The city is split into four different divisions, and each division is equipt with two members of Council. Both the Mayor and the Council members serve 4-year terms, and a council seat opens every 2 years. 

Other governmental positions include eleven different operating departments like the City Manager, the Urban Renewal Agency, Parks and Recreations, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Building Safety, and more. The city water department works outside of the local government and coordinates funds and operations as a third party. 


The Warm & Inviting Pacific Northwest Community 

Medford is one of the fastest-growing cities and communities in the Pacific Northwest. From a growing healthcare system to manufacturing, businesses are booming in this area. Medford is most widely known for having the country’s best pear farms and vineyards. Harry & David, an international fruit and novelty food gift distributor, is also headquartered in Medford.

Outdoor enthusiasts love the abundance of resources and excursions that are offered throughout the city. Medford offers beautiful hiking and cycling trails, snow sports like skiing and snowboarding, state of the art golf courses, and local state and city parks. Just outside of the city lies the deepest lake in North American, Crater Lake, measuring is the deepest depth at 1,949 feet ( 

The economy in Medford is mostly funded by the numerous health care facilities throughout the area. The two largest healthcare systems in the area, Asante Health System and Providence Medford Medical Center, are the largest employers in Medford and employ over 2,000 people.


Restoration Services in Medford 

In Medford, if your property has experienced recent water of fire damage, you must remediate the damages as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damages. In many Medford fire damage cases, water is used to extinguish the flame, causing water to pool in the structure. If the water is left for more than 24-hours, secondary damage, like mold will occur and spread throughout the property. ServiceMaster Restore of Medford is your trusted disaster restoration company. We offer a range of restoration services from Medford water damage and fire damage restoration to trauma and biohazard cleanup. If you are in need of emergency disaster restoration, call ServiceMaster today!