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Flood waters can be very serious because they often carry bacteria and potential diseases. For this reason, you should call a flood restoration professional to evaluate the affected area in your home and come up with a proper flood damage cleanup and restoration plan. ServiceMaster Restore will work with your insurance company and adjuster to come to an agreed upon scope of work and pricing, so your flood restoration project starts quickly and gets you back in your home quickly.

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Does FEMA Pay For Flood Damage?

Flood Damage Cleanup
Many homeowners believe that when there is a flood, FEMA and the government will cover the damages to the home impacted by the storm or natural disaster. The truth is, you need to have the proper flood insurance purchased before the flood damage in order to be properly covered. Click here to learn more about purchasing flood insurance.

What Damage Can Floods Cause?

A flood in your home from a pipe, leaky roof, storm, or a variety of other sources can cause severe damage. Here is a list of common damages caused by flooding in a home: 

Water/moisture is one of the main nutrients for mold to grow in a home and it can happen as fast as 24-48 hours after water is present.

When wood absorbs water and the moisture content becomes too high, it will begin to cup or crown, split or even rot if not attended to.

Furniture and upholstery are made of different types of materials. Some are more resistant to water than others, but many pieces of furniture will stain, discolor, or even deteriorate if not cleaned properly after being exposed to water.

No surprise here: water can quickly damage electronics beyond repair. However, depending on the item and the extent of the damage, some electronic items might be able to be saved in our contents restoration facility. Call us today to find out.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Call ServiceMaster Restore today! We service all of Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, Klamath Falls, Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Oregon. We are a local disaster restoration company who specializes in cleaning up floods in homes and commercial locations.

Emergency Services

Call ServiceMaster 24/7 when a disaster hits your home or business. We can take care of all of your restoration needs, whenever you need us.

Industrial Grade Equipment

When a flood hits your home or business, the water will begin to start damaging your property immediately. Our team utilizes the best equipment to get the job done quick.

Quick Response

Being local means that we can show up to your property in as little as two hours with our equipment to handle any restoration job quickly.