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House fires create a lot of stress on the homeowners. Your personal belongings and family heirlooms are destroyed, and most importantly, the property could be unsafe to enter. After fire damage Medford, you will need professional assistance from a local fire damage company.

Call ServiceMaster Restore of Medford, your trusted Medford fire restoration services provider. We respond 24/7 to assist you in picking up the pieces after a fire. Our team provides fast fire board up, fire damage cleanup, fire damage restoration services, and fire damage repairs. 

Our unrivaled customer service, coupled with our fire damage Medford restoration offerings help us return your home or business to its pre-loss condition. We take special care to ensure the safety of you and your property at all times.

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Medford OR Fire Board Up Services

emergency fire board up services

To protect your home, you want to cover and board up all exposed areas damaged by the fire. Emergency fire board up services accomplish this goal by covering any vulnerable windows, doors, roof holes, or other areas.

Emergency fire board up services secure your home from potential inclement weather, burglars, or vandals who may trespass and loot your home. After all, a fire is stressful enough – you don’t want to add additional damages and expenses to the mix. 

ServiceMaster Restore is always on standby, ready to take your call. We begin emergency fire board up as soon as the fire marshal has cleared the area for entry.

After A Fire - What To Do Next

Not many homeowners have to deal with a fire, luckily. When you do, it’s likely the first time ever having a fire in your home, office, or business. Here are some things you want to consider immediately following the blaze:

Don’t enter the property until the fire marshal has cleared the structure.

Don’t grab any canned good in the area of the fire. A heat source will spoil the canned food, and as such, these items should be thrown out.

Close, board up, and protect any exposed areas in your home. You will likely need a fire restoration professional to aid in this service.

Call your insurance agent to file a claim. This will help speed up the fire restoration process and get an insurance adjuster assigned.

Don’t try and clean the smoke and soot yourself. The oil from the fire and soot can actually damage your contents and walls if not cleaned correctly. Wait for the fire restoration company to perform this job. In the meantime, you should contact your insurance provider to make them aware of the disaster.

The Fire Damage Medford Restoration Process

Fires can leave your home or business damaged, filled with water from the fire-fighting efforts, and covered in soot. Call ServiceMaster Restore and we will work quickly to make sure that the structure is safe, and any standing water is removed before it has the ability to create further damage.

When a fire causes structural damage, removing personal property in every smoke and fire damaged area is a necessity for the duration of the construction process.  Our team of restoration technicians is trained to carefully handle your belongings, create a detailed online inventory with pictures of each item we pack, transport these items to our secure storage site, and restore your items in our contents restoration facility. 

Once the immediate cleaning concerns have been addressed, our team of fire damage restoration technicians will begin cleaning the rest of your salvageable belongings to remove all soot and smoke odors.

Once the contents have been removed from your home or business, our restoration specialists clean every part of the structure including ceilings, walls, light fixtures, windows, doors, and ductwork.

Depending on the items that were burned in the fire, there will be a considerable and often overwhelming odor that penetrates every permeable surface in your home or business. Things like drapes, carpets and upholstery are severely affected by smoke odor, but also walls and ceilings will have to be treated and deodorized before your property will be deemed habitable. Our smoke odor experts use a variety of smoke odor removal methods and will work with you until you are satisfied that no traces of smoke odor remain.

Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

You’ll immediately notice the strong, triggering odor left behind after a fire. In conjunction with the smoke damage and soot that covers surfaces, your property will need professional assistance. ServiceMaster Restore offers effective smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleaning, and smoke deodorization services to save your space.

Depending on the type of smoke damage you have, we will create a plan that addresses the unique needs of your circumstances. This ensures that we treat your property with the special care and attention it deserves.

Once we have completed smoke damage cleaning, smoke soot cleaning, and smoke odor removal services, your home will feel like a fresh environment. This is because we have the knowledge and experience to find areas of hidden smoke damage. Trust us to treat your home or business for smoke soot cleaning.

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ServiceMaster Restore calls Medford home. The city of Medford is located in Southwest Oregon, 27 miles north of the California border. ServiceMaster Restore serves the population of approximately 220,000+ people of Medford for their disaster restoration services. 

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