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Mold damage deserves immediate attention. Under the right circumstances, mold can spread throughout an entire building in a matter of days, so taking immediate action can save your property, and also the cost and time associated with mold removal and remediation. Mold removal Medford should be handled by IICRC certified technicians that are up to date on the safest and most recently promoted methods of mold removal.

In Medford, Oregon, the technicians at ServiceMaster Restore are your locally trusted Medford mold removal and remediation specialists. We have the experience, certification, and equipment to handle mold damage of any size or severity. We handle all aspects of mold removal and mold remediation, including mold testing, mold damage repairs, and even working with your insurance provider. If you suspect mold damage in your Medford home or business, give us a call today to schedule your free mold damage inspection.

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Mold Related Heath Risks

Respiratory Issues
Allergic Reactions
Coughing & Sneezing

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Medford Mold Removal Process

At ServiceMaster of Medford, we offer 100% free inspections with all of our restoration services. Mold removal is no different. When you call us because you found, or suspect, mold growth on your property, we will immediately schedule an inspection that will allow us to identify any mold, evaluate the extent of the damage, and determine the best plan for removal and remediation.

Because mold spores will travel through the air, especially when agitated, we will establish a containment zone. To do this, we section off the mold-affected area with plastic sheeting and establish negative air pressure with the help of HEPA filtered blowers.

Based on the findings of our inspection and the results of any air quality tests that we performed, we will determine the best procedures for effectively removing the mold and preventing it from returning.

Our team of mold removal technicians will work thoughtfully to remove any irreversibly damaged materials, setting up the area for future repairs. In this cleanup stage, we will also wipe down every surface in the affected area with an industrial strength antimicrobial solution, ensuring all the mold spores are neutralized.

Depending on the cause of your mold damage, there is a chance that the mold removal and mold remediation process will be covered by your insurance. In these situations, we are more than happy to help ensure that you are properly covered. Our team will maintain documentation of the process and keep an open line of communication going with your claims adjuster throughout the mold removal and remediation process.

Medford Mold Remediation Services

ServiceMaster Restore in Medford, Oregon is a turnkey mold remediation company. We will identify the damages, remove any irreversibly damaged materials, and ensure that the entire area has been cleaned using an antimicrobial solution so that the mold won’t come back. 

If you find mold growing in your Medford home or business, call ServiceMaster today and we will immediately send a team of mold removal specialists to inspect your property for mold and identify any damages. We are the most trusted mold removal Medford company. Our proven success and experience has helped us establish a reputation in the area for mold remediation that can’t be beat!

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Medford, Oregon is one of the most desirable cities to visit and live in the Pacific Northwest. The southern Oregon city is the fourth-largest city in the state, with a population of 79,590. Medford is surrounded by the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains, creating beautiful 365-degree scenery. The city is also the midway point between San Francisco and Seattle, which brings in visitors from all over.