ServiceMaster Is Dedicated To Repairing Fire Damage in Your Home

It is very painful to watch your fire damaged house no longer look its former self. The house and your possessions can be badly damaged by flames, heat, smoke and water. Still, do not let a grim look of your property now make you feel that repairing your fire damaged house is impossible. Working with an insurance provider and a licensed fire restoration company, you will soon be able to move back into your home and enjoy its fresh look and smell.

ServiceMaster Restore of Medford works 24/7 year-round to help Medford and Rogue Valley citizens repair houses after fire and get back to their normal life. If you have a fire, call our emergency response line at 541-204-0565.

Fire Damage Repairs Process

There are 7 basic stages of repairing fire damaged houses. Understanding of what to expect during each stage of fire damage restoration helps you effectively monitor the work of the restoration crew. 

When fire marshals clear the premises for entry, experts will inspect the house and assess the extent of fire damage. It is important to determine any hazardous areas and prioritize restoration tasks.  

If the roof or some walls have been damaged by fire, it is important to tarp them immediately so as not to let wind or rain cause secondary damage. It is also important to board up windows damaged by heat or deliberately broken by firefighters. 

All the damaged areas should be isolated to prevent the spread of moisture and smoke around the house. All burnt items should be removed. Preferably, technicians pack out all contents to save them from smoke exposure and free the space for thorough cleaning. 

Water removal and drying precede soot cleaning. Fire restoration professionals use powerful pumps and extractors to remove water. Dehumidifiers and fans dry the structures, thus finalizing water damage restoration.   

Then, professionals repairing your fire damaged house can clean soot from all surfaces using special dry sponges and wire brushes. It is important to use proper sprays and solutions to break up soot particles. Otherwise, a pervasive smoke odor may remain. 


There are many deodorization techniques experts use to get rid of the smoke odor. These include sanitizing the air with hydroxyl generators, ozone machines, deodorizing crystals or thermal fogging. Another solution is using an encapsulating sealer before painting the affected walls.


After all smoke and soot is removed from the fire damaged house, it’s time to replace any removed items and renovate the building. ServiceMaster of Medford handle all repairs from minor to major. 


In 2017, 357,000 home structure fires were reported in the US. But, to you and to us, your case is unique. This is why we will develop the best plan for repairing your fire damaged house. Call us now to schedule an inspection.  

Effects Of Smoke And Soot Damage

Every fire restoration expert might tell you that smoke does more damage to your property than the fire itself. What makes smoke cleaning a challenging task is that smoke penetrates every nook and cranny leaving behind nasty soot and a nuisance smoke odor. Moreover, restoration may expose technicians to serious health risks. Namely, smoke irritates skin and eyes, and when smoke particles are inhaled, they can cause serious complications for lungs and airways.

Since modern homes are packed with plastics and synthetic fabrics, burning causes oily soot that cannot be simply wiped to form. At the same time, soot that remains on the surfaces of materials and personal items gradually damages them beyond repair. For example, soot residues need just a few hours to discolor and stain fiberglass and furniture finishes. In a few days, stains become permanent, metals corrode, and wood items require refinishing or replacement.

Smoke odor may be present in a fire damaged house for years. This often happens when the smoke has settled behind the walls or insulation or continues to circulate a HVAC system. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to replace everything than clean and deodorize all potentially affected areas.

Fire Damage Restoration Service Provider

Fire Damage Restoration Ashland OR

If you are facing fire damage Ashland OR, you may be uncertain of where to turn or what to do next. There is no doubt that this is a challenging time. However, working with ServiceMaster Restore of Medford can ease the stress and anxiety throughout the process of fire board up, fire restoration, and fire damage repairs. 

Emergency Services

Call ServiceMaster 24/7 when a fire damages your home. We can take care of all of your restoration needs, whenever you need us.

Residential Fire Experts

ServiceMaster Restore employs a team of fire damage specialists that know what to look for in a home fire and how to restore your house to its original glory.

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Fire damage is often accompanied by water and because of this, any delays in the restoration process will put your home is at risk of further damage.