medford fire damage

Fire Damage Medford

House fires create a lot of stress on the homeowners. Your personal belongings are destroyed, family heirlooms could be gone, and most importantly, the property could be destroyed and unsafe to enter. After your home fire, you should wait until you get clearance to enter the property from the fire marshal who will enter the structure and make sure it is safe to re-enter your home. After a home fire, it's important to grab your essential emergency items, so you have a change of clothes and personal belongings.

Protect Your Home

To protect your home, you want to cover and board up all exposed areas damaged by the fire. Boarding up could be windows, doors, the roof, or other areas. Emergency board up repair will secure your home from potential inclement weather or vandals entering and looting your home.

fire damage medford
fire damage medford

After A Fire - What To Do Next

Not many homeowners have to deal with a fire, luckily. When you do, it's likely the first time ever having a fire to your home, office, or business. Here are some things you want to consider have a fire:

  • Don't enter the structure until the fire marshal has cleared the structure.
  • Don't grab any canned good in the area of the fire. A heat source will spoil the canned good and should be thrown out.
  • Close, board up and protect and exposed areas in your home. You will likely need a restoration professional to aid on this service.
  • Don't try and clean the smoke and soot yourself. The oil from the fire and soot can actually damage your contents and walls if not cleaned correctly.
  • Call your insurance agent to file a claim, this will help speed up the restoration process and get an insurance adjuster assigned.

Medford, Oregon

ServiceMaster Restore calls Medford home, being a local restoration company ServiceMaster contributes to the local community in as many possible ways as we can. Being local, we keep all our dollars earned in the local economy of Medford. ServiceMaster Restore serves the population of approximately 220,000+ people of Medford for disaster restoration services. The city of Medford is located in the South West of Oregon and 27 miles north of the California border.